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  1. Georgfry Floydstein

    My area is becoming very vibrant

    Everything is getting louder and more vibrant. Vibrant cars revving, racing, and blasting vibrant music at all hours. Angry vibrant arguments in the streets in many vibrant languages other than English. Vibrant graffiti also in vibrant languages. Vibrant crimes by roaming packs of vibrancy...
  2. Georgfry Floydstein

    The Georgfry Floydstein Autonomous Memorial Thread

    A place to lie about how hurt you are and how best to fleece wypipo over our 2 innocent fallen Kings, George & Jeffery (no Rainbow jokes). RIP Kings.
  3. Georgfry Floydstein

    NSFW Derek Chauvin

    I hope he joins the forum. That guy kills me!