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  1. CK

    Battlefield 2042 poor release

    Fuck sake. I’m an idiot and I bought the BF2042 Ultimate edition. I thought it would be a polished BF4, it’s the biggest pile of steaming shit I have ever played. I’ve asked Sony for a refund. The vehicle controls are just awful, there isn’t even a score board lol
  2. CK

    The Matrix 4 Resurrections trailer

    Long time fan of all the movies. So I’m really excited for December and the new release. New trailer is up Bonus media at www.whatisthematrix.com this site generates different content depending on which pill you click and the time of day you visit the site.
  3. CK

    Apple Music is now lossless at no extra cost

    Don't know about you cunts. But I had tried Tidal and it's shite, the app is anyway.. Mainly used YouTube Music with a family plan because sharing is caring. But since I became an iDick I got a sub to Apple One which included Apple Music. Oh also have a seedbox with a plex subscription and a...
  4. CK

    TikTok: confirmed cancer

    Well I’m not surprised, a Chinese company collecting sicking amounts of biometrics on its customers, who would have thought it 😂 https://techcrunch.com/2021/06/03/tiktok-just-gave-itself-permission-to-collect-biometric-data-on-u-s-users-including-faceprints-and-voiceprints/
  5. CK

    U.S. Finds No Evidence of Alien Technology in Flying Objects, but Can’t Rule It Out, Either

    So it appears there’s been a briefing about the upcoming “UAP” report. But in brief, it’s not US tech either secret or otherwise. Some cases could be Russian or China, there’s no evidence to suggest it is extraterrestrial but they report can’t rule it out either. These is a video of CMDR...
  6. CK


    @Georgfry Floydstein how is heaven treating you?
  7. CK

    NSFW Posting pics

    Is pretty easy, straight from your phone
  8. CK

    UAP disclosure June 2021

    The whole UFO topic is my guilty pleasure where I do let my imagination get the better of me. But since December and the US Gov announced they were preparing a unclassified report on the subject the entire UFO/UAP community has been going wild. The topic is being covered by mainstream...
  9. CK

    YouTube links do they work?

  10. CK

    The-SPS revival [2.0]

    The Self Preservation Society is back. Same address, although missing a little bit of content. It’s my intention to leave this site up and allow use for as long as there is members. Obviously we are low on members at the moment. if you have been a past member please feel free to rejoin, if...